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Beetle Window Vent trims

Really cool accessory that was originally offered from the 1950’s for our beloved vintage VW’s by a company called Regus

We thought it was about time we re-produced this very hard to find accessory.

We have made them just as the originals in aluminium and had them fully polished but we have also had a small quantity double dipped in chrome for a deep show quality finish.

Really simple to fit, just wind your window down, slide the trim up to the top and that’s it!

Gives extra ventilation when driving but also means your car is secure when parked up whilst still having the ventilation.

One of the coolest accessories around.

Price is for 1 pair – so two pieces. Please note these will fit all beetles from up to 1964 If you have the larger side windows as on a 1964 onwards bug then we have listed on our website

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