For sale is a 1944 cast rare super strong ALUMINUM KdF engine case with a 1945 number, professionally restored ready to build an engine. Crank case halves are numbers matching. The halves are dated 7.8.44 and 9.6.44. Starting from around mid 1944 aluminum engine cases were mixed in production to save magnesium required for aircraft production. This case was the best and most durable case made during the war and much superior to poorly cast immediate post war production.Porsche used this late Kubelwagen aluminium crank case in their early Gmund Porsche production in Austria before they had access to VW parts.

The 1944 cast cases were used during the war from late 1944 to 1945 (all the aluminum castings seem to be from 1944 and engine cases appear not to been cast in 1945); after the war in the early British VW production to early 1946. This engine number would be correct from around February/March 1945 to early 1946 (eg the first post war regular Beetle was built on 22 Nov 1945 and had a Kubelwagen engine number 2-078290).

The following has been done:

– halves have been resurfaced (material milled off) – crank case in-line bored (crank, oil pump, cam) – all oil plugs have been removed and passages thoroughly cleaned, new machined oil plugs included – case has been bead blasted to remove all dirt and grime to achieve a brand new factory fresh (semi-gloss like original not dull) look – a brand new Virtanen built KdF crank shaft pulley is included (175 value), also a set of nos crankshaft bearings which fit the block with 0,5 undersize for crank can be included, no other parts however

Built for me but plans have changed, well over 2500 invested (your gain my loss), ready to build an engine, all hard work done, no additional work required. Just add your internal parts, pistons/cylinders, heads etc from any 25 hp engine and go. You can also use this engine case to build an early high performance motor as the case is much stronger than a magnesium case.

Worldwide shipping available, please contact for quote. Free delivery to Bad Camberg possible if prepaid, IBAN transfer or paypal with fee Ok.

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