All are NOS -made in Germany- high quality Bosch parts. From when the slogan Good – Better – Bosch ment what it says. Rotor condenser and points for 25hp 36hp cast iron distributors.

-Condenser: Bosch correct yellow wire. Fits 383 VJ4BR8 VJU4BR8 VJR4BR8 VJUR4BR8 019 -Rotor: Bosch non resistor type. Fits VJ4BR8 VJU4BR8 VJ4BR25 019 010. Also fits the VJR/VJUR models, however the « R » is for them being fitted with resistor type rotor originally. For use without dust cover. -Points: German Bosch 2 piece, phenolic rubber block not the later infamous plastic. Fits 383 VJ4BR8 VJR4BR8 VJR4BR25 019 010.

Price: 2x points, 1x Rotor, 1x condenser $45 +shipping. A complete kit for the 019 / VJ4BR8 + an extra spare of points (wear more often).

*Add genuine Bosch distributor grease: 2ml +$5 The right lube for your points cam. 2ml will be enough for many points changes, but if you want to buy more Ill give you a discount.

Buy original Bosch Tune up parts at aftermarket price.

Shipping: international express $12 to the US (with tracking). Or $6.50 without tracking

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