T handle NOS unused, absolutely perfect condition. Old HUF production, well stored during all those years, still in og paper wrapping (comes in that). Two matching keys (profile SY). Chrom has 10 out of 10 and I can say, the condition of this part is a reference for a 10 as it has NO storage traces and NO shelfwear.

The visible part of this handle outside the collar (the T handle part + the lock) is absolutely 100% identical to the hard to find Barndoor engine lid handle. This handle slips well in the regular BD collar and the erecting locking pin is on the exact right spot to work with the og BD collar.

The modification is quite easy: The tubular part in front of the square axle must be grinded a bit back to prolongue the square axle, then the square axle slipping into rear decklid lock must be worked on to a bit thinner square diameter (use the enginelid lock case as sample to file down to the right dimension) and onto the very rear thread (the rear screw on part) must be cut a thinner dia thread. Please compare the 7th foto in this ad with the last foto in this ad to see the unmodified and readily modified handle in direct comparison. All that is not a big deal for normal skilled person. The collar that comes with this handle cannot be used for BD.

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