Decided to sell some original commercial grey splitscreen bus seat vinyl that I had put aside to make a new old seat cover for my 62 bus.

This original grey textured vinyl was removed from a rear bench seat, so there is the aditional vinyl from the rear of the backrest.

Still supple. Will clean up well. Or just use to make a perfect seat cover template for your rear bench seat.

Someone has painted the seat vinyl with black in order for it to match the very early bus vinyl found in barndoor and early splitscreen buses.

I planned to clean this off to re-use in the grey finish. It looks like it wil clean off easily with a bit of elbow grease. Has one or 2 holes in vinyl.

If you are a sucker for original vinyl in your bus then this is for you. There is enough to trim a front bench seat with some spare. Or front single and double seats 1/3 and 2/3 seats. I was going to make this into a humpback front bench seat. But no longer have the bus so selling on.

See pics

Looking for £200

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