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Proudly made with passion !!!

Now the bay windows canvas covers available in the best quality !!!

Canvas cover Tilt Canopies Tarpaulin SC & DC

I’m very proud to offer highest quality canvas covers. It is made using original parts as authentic guides.

We have an archive of original components, which serve as templates for authenticity. All the hardware as cotton straps, hooks, foot loops, aluminium rivets were specialy made to make the cover very close to original.

Available types are for

1) single cab 1968-1979 – 1249Euro 2) double cab 1968-1979 – 1199Euro

All of our tarpaulins are delivered ready-to-install. They include metal fittings, straps.

If your car has an original body, gates and roof frame, you wont have any problem installing the tarpaulins.

In case of any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

To place an order please contact me jacks_garage[email protected]

The tarpaulins are made from natural canvas which after rain will shrink a little. That’s why all the curtains have to be definitely closed when raining. Otherwise may not fit anymore to the loops on the side and rear gates!

Special THANKS for the photos for my friend’s wife !!!

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Thanks, Jacek

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