Hi There all Westfalia and the Other Bus Owners,

* I will be in Le Bug Show in SPA Belgium !!! You are welcome to visit me on the market !!!

I’ve done them now 🙂 The aluminium ceiling trims for Westfalia headliners. They are ready for sale.

This is the set of four pieces – 2 short ones for the front between the air box and 2 longer ones which goes between the dome light.

Those ceiling trims are originaly to Westfalia models with wood headliners.

SO22, SO23, SO34, SO35, SO36, SO42, SO44,

You can use those trims in any bus version if you want – campers, kombis etc. You can customise your interion.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Please check my other advertise and read my TS feedback.

Cheers, Jacek

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