I recently took this 1968 velvet green truck in as a trade and been honestly thinking of keeping it… but unfortunately money is needed elsewhere This is a fairly original paint truck, prob 75-80% and with a nicer blend job in areas could look fantastic. The overall truck is veey solid, it has had some welding work done in the past which isnt the neatest but it is solid. Ive been using the truck a lot and it drives real nice, even better after raising up to stock height and putter a detailed set of wheel and crossplies on. Ive added an NLA canvas over the repro hoops and it looks just right. Very very practical truck thats so much fun to use! Has the 68 dash and long mirror, 68 push button door handles, and its original 1500 single port motor. Selling as is as I havent got the time to build it as Id like! Come down have a drive and even drive it home… I can also help with shipping anywhere in the world.

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