Ok this what people call a survivor, a 1973 karmann ghia sport edition -march-. Comes from Neveda and spent there all it’s life. Something fall off the shelf and damaged the top of the nose, so that the car didn’t survive that. Otherwise a super solid car, without any welding. This is for the person who wants to drive and enjoy instead of a very long restojob. Has its share of dings and dents but all original german sheetmetal with all welding points visible. Maybe you want a earlier ghia, but the driving experience form a later one is even beter with its 1600 cc engine and irs pan.

It’s also a sport edition. And there aren’t many left of those cars. Check the forum on the samba. It’s all explained there very well.

All numbers match.

Sold with us title and the eu duties paid.

More pictures will follow. Some are on this link:

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